EVENT PLANNING - Over the past 20 years I have had the
pleasure of working extensively with the community of Central and
Northern British Columbia in one form or another in the planning of
events.  These events Presentations, Trade Shows, Annual General
Meetings, Seminars, Award Shows, Fall Fairs, Rodeos, Bull
Ridings, Rough Stock Challenges, Cowboy Poetry Evenings,
Dances and Community Fun Days.

The services provided include:

     Developing the concept of the event itself,
     develop the volunteer committee,
     chair the committee meetings,
     fund raising for the event,
     create the sponsorship packages
     Hiring of the contractors, announcers and specialty acts,
    first aid, concessionaires, security, insurance,
     accommodation arrangements,
     design the advertising campaigns - local initiatives, print
    media, radio and television
     ticket and poster production,
     Coordinate volunteers for production of the events
     Emceeing and hosting the events,
     hiring of speakers and arranging for the speaker gifts,
     coffee service and meals as required.

Design of Trade Show booths

     Develop, purchasing of materials and provide the trade
    show booth at events in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Trade Shows

Music Festivals

First Nations Events


Cowboy Festivals  -  British Columbia, Alberta and

Speaker Presentations

Workshop Presentations

Spirit of 2010 Tour

Community Events with attendance of up to 7250

Rodeo Events - BCRA and CPRA Approved
Event Planning
"PMG Communication"